Welcome to the Meek Tiki!!


*Hello! and welcome – to my very first blog post. In case you’ve found yourself here coincidentally, let me cut to the chase.  I started this blog after fellow cocktail aficionado Eric Hauser turned me onto his idea to post about a tiki cocktail each week for a year. Now, I myself am a huge fan of exotic cocktails and have tested a wide range – from mai tais to margaritas and zombies to headhunters – but have almost no technical experience with the craft of proper tiki drink creation. In fact, 2 ingredients is my current acclaim in mixing any beverage, and frequently one of those is just soda…

So, having a great appreciation for both the history and the complexity that goes into the art of the tiki cocktail, I decided to make it my goal to learn as much about both as I could. And putting it in blog form not only allows you to join me on my journey, but since I’ve been known to deviate (er, procrastinate) from my goals from time to time, this will hopefully keep me to task. The “Meek Tiki” is coined phrase, sort of a tongue in cheek homage to my Minnesota roots. In the Midwest we’re known more for our homegrown hospitality than our epic mixology, and our long bitter winters don’t exactly stir up tropical fervor. But when it comes to the escapism factor, I couldn’t think of a more desperate location.

So please, join me as I embark! I won’t go so far as to guarantee a cocktail per week, but I promise to stay regular enough to keep you sufficiently intoxicated. In between, I hope I can entertain you with anecdotes about this particular learning curve, sprinkle in some pertinent historical context, and share with you my research and revelations as I pursue this lofty goal.


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